A room-full of 52 Bridge enthusiasts scorned the poor weather, battled down to the Sailing Club and raised a grand-slamming £1005 for CEYS in the process!

All this on Weds 6th November; the day after an evening's Bridge for some at Wadebridge on Tuesday and for some again a further day's Bridge on Thursday at RSWSC the day after.

Thanks go to everyone who helped, joined-in, provided refreshments, provided the venue, and so much more; particularly to Wendy Kingsbury and Fiona Lunt the main organisers and to Peter Meredith the Bridge Director.

Wendy K's raffle was as popular as ever, with tulips nodding to bubbly amongst the splendid prizes.

A lovely afternoon and money for CEYS as well - thanks again to all concerned.

Roger (CEYS).

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White horses and very chilly water couldn't stop this year's CEYS children take to their dinghies for the very first time. Sails were reefed and children taught in several very small groups for maximum safety throughout the sunny day.  Wetsuits did their job well and, as ever, as much time was spent having fun in the water as it was having fun on the boats.

Both sunshine and visitors were very much in evidence over Easter, with our CEYS Saturday street collection raising just over £500, a great result. Several would-be donors apologised that they no longer carried loose change - an increasing problem for all charities reliant on coin contributions. One kind person had just enough for his daily bread, but upon seeing the length of the bakery queue, decided to return later and gave it to CEYS instead!

(Pictured: CEYS president Tim Lunt, the only person in Rock expecting rain this Easter!)

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An Indian wedding celebration at the Rock Institute? No, but seemingly not far off with the pop-up "Best Exotic Curry Night" restaurant experience, courtesy of CEYS in mid-March.

In the space of a few hours trustees and friends of CEYS transformed the building into a cross between a curry house and a festival, with over 70 guests - many dressed as brightly as the fairy lights, marigolds and colourful fabrics about them, sitting down to a lively meal of epic proportion.

Authentic Aisan dishes were lovingly prepared by the same trustees and friends at their own homes; extra hobs were imported for the night and a mountain of coins was offered up to the electricity meter to keep it all on song. Sing it did. Chicken Passanda, Nepalese Lamb and Aubergine Bhaji curries were voraciously well received along with the mango and berry desserts which followed. Sharp's, Wadebridge Wines and the former No.1 Rock Road restaurant were very generous with their drinks support - as were local friends and businesses with their prizes - and many stayed long into the night as testament to the event's success.

In all, an astonishing £2043.20 profit was achieved for CEYS on the night.  Huge thanks to everyone who helped and attended.

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