Well we saw no Easter Bunny but still some generous souls with ready money as we collected for CEYS on Easter Saturday.  Many proferred cards instead and it is clearly time for CEYS to go cashless too. Rock's Easter CEYS street collection was nevertheless a great success, amassing... wait for it.... £3 in old £1 coins, 2 Euros, a 20 Lipa coin from Republika Hrvatska.... and £524 in hard cash.

Many thanks to CEYS supporters for their time collecting and to all those who donated.

Ceys lesson

April 9th saw up to 26 children from Wadebridge School take to the water for the first time with CEYS. 30 hours of sailing tuition later - throughout April, May and June - should see them surface as fully-fledged RYA Stage 3 competent sailors. We wish them luck!  Good luck also to the group of children who, weather-beaten last Autumn, are set to recommence their lessons on 26th April with completion also in June.

The annual CEYS Bridge event was held recently at Rock Sailing Club. For many of the 32 players present - the vast majority RSWSC social members - this was their first 'face to face' session since Covid.

With £586 raised for the charity, it was both an enjoyable and successful occasion.

CEYS gives thanks to the Club for hosting the event, to Fiona Lunt and her team for running it, to all those who contributed by playing, to those who provided prizes, and to those who kindly donated even though unable to attend.

Rock Sailing Club has announced that it has 5 Fusion dinghys ready for shared use by competent members, including CEYS sailors who have completed their CEYS course to RYA Stage 3 and whose parents/guardians are full or local members of the Sailing Club.

Please contact Richard Smith (Sailing Club manager) for more info: clubmanager@rswsc.co.uk

N.B. these are not CEYS sessions and are not supervised on or off the water by CEYS

  Please download this form for further info on how to book.    Sailing_Club_Fusions_Available_for_Use.pdf